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SXSW Festival Films of City Frames

Last month Dev attended the SXSW Festival Films of City Frames, an initiative, launched in 2014, spotlights emerging filmmakers from film schools across the globe. For the 2017 edition, students were tasked with creating artistic shorts with a narrative where the Frames of Life eyewear according to The Hollywood Reporter. We have added the images in our gallery and you can find the interview Dev did with Vogue during the event in our press archive. Excerpts of the interview can be found below.

On Diversity: “Look at this year, you see a film like Moonlight win Best Picture. It broke so many barriers, in every way, about the topic it was exploring, the faces on the screen, the budget it was shot at, everything about it. It broke every mold and it won Best Picture. It shows that the film industry really embraces diverse material.”

On Award Season: “When you’re promoting a film that is up for Best Picture, you’re really going to a lot of different ceremonies—Producers Guild, Directors Guild—so you really get to experiment with your style which is fantastic.”
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