The Man Who Knew Infinity (2015)

The true story of a limitless mind.

Colonial India, 1913. Srinavasa Ramanujan is a 25-year-old shipping clerk and self-taught genius, who failed out of college due to his near-obsessive, solitary study of mathematics. Determined to pursue his passion despite rejection and derision from his peers, Ramanujan writes a letter to G. H. Hardy, an eminent British mathematics professor at Trinity College, Cambridge. Hardy recognizes the originality and brilliance of Ramanujan’s raw talent and despite the skepticism of his colleagues, undertakes bringing him to Cambridge so that his theories can be explored.


Dev as: S. Ramanujan
Directed by: Matthew Brown
Written by: Matthew Brown & Robert Kanigel (biograhpy)
Other cast: Jeremy Irons (G.H. Hardy) & Devika Bhise (Janaki)
Release Date: September 15, 2015 (TIFF) | April 8, 2016 (UK) | April 29, 2016 (USA)
Runtime: 108 min
Boxoffice: $12,158,142 (Worldwide)
Critical Acclaim: 92% Rotten Tomatoes | 56 Meta Critics Score

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Production Notes

With the financing for the film beginning to fall into place, Brown had the hard decision of casting his two leads. He knew it would be necessary to find an accomplished Indian actor with some worldwide audience appeal to portray Ramanujan, and the name that was foremost in his mind was Dev Patel, who had achieved acclaim for his roles in the Academy Award® winning Slumdog Millionaire and the global hit The Exotic Marigold Hotel.

“To succeed in bringing Ramanujan to life, I needed someone who the audience could relate to and feel empathy for,” says Brown. “I knew from my very first meeting with Dev that his natural charisma, empathy and unbelievable instincts would jump off the screen.”

Says Patel, “I wanted to do the role because it is rare for an actor who looks like I do to come across something that is so meaty, and I knew the film would attract stellar artists who I’d get to act opposite. When a film does not rely on CGI or special effects, it’s performance driven and I thought a story about two humans with drastically different ideals would be an amazing journey to go on and it turned out to be just that.

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